Real Estate Annual Finland 2010

In NORDICUM 6/09, we talk to Simon Anholt, the father of nation branding, and find out why he feels that Finland is “the closest thing to a perfectly functioning society which humanity can offer”. Also, in a rare joint interview, the Mayors of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa talk Metropolitan strategy. Our REAL ESTATE SPECIAL REPORT digs deep into the inner workings of the industry, showcasing the most intriguing projects of the coming decade.

2 Editorial
6 The Agenda by Paavo Lipponen – EU catastrophy in Copenhagen?
8 Get the Story Straight
12 Selling Finland – The Family Plan
13 The Product – Turun Sinappi
14 Metropolis: The Making Of
17 Designing airport excellence
Mange sud – Mediterranean warmth in southern Helsinki
18 Helsinki wins World Design Capital honours
20 Aalto University introduces next practice workshops
22 City Campus Emerging
24 GRENKELEASING makes IT leasing possible
26 Real Estate Special Report
The coming decade will transform Helsinki’s shores
28 Sixteen minutes of fame
30 Keilaniemi Station
31 SRV introduces residential towers into Keilaniemi
34 Otaniemi Station
35 Aalto University real estate assets are in need of retooling
36 Otaniemi welcomes Aalto University
Revitalising Tapiola Centre
37 Tapiola Station
38 Jousenpuisto Station
39 Matinkylä Station
40 Matinkylä metro station: Superhub in the works
41 Suurpelto promises to put “unity” back in community
42 Reinventing Future Office
44 The future of shopping centres
46 Vantaa pursues dynamic development on many fronts
48 Lahti combines smooth logistics with cutting edge innovation industries
51 Turku is getting ready for Capital of Culture 2011
54 CLX Business Zone combines logistics, hi-tech and retail expertise
56 Winglet Business Park opens in CLX
Vaasa Airport Logistics Center moving forward
57 Pulse of the Industry Still Strong
58 Skanska is building a “Gateway to Helsinki”
60 Real estate investments expected to pick up
61 Sustainability all the way
62 Company Business Cards