Real Estate Annual Finland 2015

Smart Cities are a hot topic right now - and NORDICUM Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 interviewed Dr. Boyd Cohen, one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject, to find out how communities can increase their urban IQ. We also discussed the issue in length with several major cities in Finland – as well as listened to the views of the construction industry. It turns out that Finland is, in many ways, leading the smart (r)evolution.

2 Editorial
6 Smart cities are not all about technology anymore
11 THE ANGLE by Director of Economic Development of the City of Helsinki, Marja-Leena Rinkineva
12 Rooted on Smart City ideology, a new superhub is rising in Pasila
14 Innovative cities transform old mines and paper mills to 21st century moneymakers
17 Business parks need to rededicate themselves to serving the customers once again
18 How Smart Is Your Industry?
20 Shopping centre Puuvilla re-energised an old industrial neighbourhood in Pori
22 The Western metro went for an encore before the line is even operational
27 Going West - selected highlights from the metro saga
28 Matinkylä is the "anchor for all ages" for the western metro line
30 "Innovation Triangle" of Tapiola, Otaniemi and Keilaniemi is poised to take Espoo - and Finland - to a whole new level
32 Espoo's "development dynamo" is retiring in summer 2015 - what kind of a legacy does Olavi Louko leave behind?
34 Spearheaded by shopping centre Ainoa, the legendary Tapiola Centre is being upgraded for the future
36 The Original Garden City
37 Aalto University spearheads the development of Otaniemi
38 Shopping centres are becoming multipurpose experience hubs in order to win back the consumers
40 THE ANGLE by Customer Value Director of Ruukki Construction, Petteri Lautso
41 Helsinki is in the middle of a massive transformation that is unprecedented in Finland
45 Helsinki High-Rise Competition
46 Subway Smarts
48 Wanting to make office fun & functional, Skanska CDF launches an ambitious development project at the Helsinki Airport
50 Oulu is ready to become the leading city in Northern Scandinavia
51 Santa Claus Logistics?
52 Turku accelerates its Smart City agenda by creating a "supercampus"
55 Union Investment Real Estate sees great potential in Finland - and elsewhere in Nordics
56 Tampere is reinventing its city centre and waterfront - and it's just getting started
58 AiRRport promises to unleash the true potential of air, road and rail traffic
59 One Vision
60 Startups energised the Aulanko Property Convention
61 Property transaction volumes have bounced back - will the trend last?
62 Company Business Cards