Real Estate Annual Finland 2016

All hail UX! Joe Pine, the father of Experience Economy, told us what focusing on experience means for the real estate industry – today and in the future. In this issue, we also explore powerful rising trends such as Airport City, wood construction and Growth Corridors. And, as always, NORDICUM REAL ESTATE 2016 showcases the most exciting real estate projects and prospects in Finland in our annual industry review.

2 Editorial
6 Real estate sector needs to move from goods and services to experiences and authenticity
10 What is the relevance of Experience Economy in terms of real estate
12 The making of attractive city environments is not an exact science
14 YIT is seeking to re-energise Central Pasila with unprecedented retail reach
17 The Pasila - Vallila - Kalasatama "axis of growth" leads the urban revolution in the pocket-sized metropolis
22 Pasila: Common Agenda, United Front
23 THE ANGLE by Deputy Mayor of the City of Helsinki for City Planning and Real Estate, Anni Sinnemäki
24 Solidifying the urban structure is one way to build a more sustainable metropolis
26 Espoo is finally launching its long-awaited metroline
30 Powered by networks, Peab builds Business Gardens fully integrated into the community
32 Shopping centre Iso Omena - the commercial anchor of the surrounding Matinkylä community and beyond
33 THE ANGLE by Deputy Mayor of the City of Espoo, Olli Isotalo
34 The heart of Espoo Innovation Garden - Tapiola-Otaniemi-Keilaniemi area is standing on the brink of a brand new era
36 Tapiola is returning to its former glory as a wave of new construction hits Tapiola Centre
38 Laboratory for Learning - Opinmäki glimpses into the future of school
40 Espoo is championing a new "School as a Service" concept
42 Aalto University has an ambitious plan to change the way we use of space in an academic setting
44 New Growth Corridors call the shots in tomorrow’s competitiveness game
48 European Core Corridors - The Making Of
49 E12 Growth Corridor really gives Valkeakoski a powerful reach
The Growth Corridor has attracted logistics players to the Hyvinkää area
50 Turku, Uusikaupunki, Rauma and Pori are pushing regional growth - together
52 Turku is poised to capitalise on emerging opportunities
54 Driven By Science, Powered by Business
55 In trying times, can Airport Cities help the economy to take off?
56 Vantaa is building the blueprint for a next-gen Airport City
57 THE ANGLE by Deputy Mayor of the City of Vantaa, Hannu Penttilä
58 Technopolis is spearheading the cause of smart real estate management
60 Wood could revolutionise the construction business
65 Eye on Transactions
66 Eversheds' Real Estate Investor Day in Helsinki attracted a good crowd of industry professionals
68 The Finnish real estate investment scene is gaining in popularity
69 Aulanko Goes Digital
70 Company Business Cards