Real Estate Annual Finland 2019

Helsinki has advanced to the Premier League of the internationally most respected cities. In this issue, Mayor Jan Vapaavuori tells you why that is – and what exactly is the “pocket-sized metropolis” up to next. In addition, NORDICUM REAL ESTATE uncovers the development plans of major Finnish cities from Turku to Oulu, showcases the most interesting projects and takes a look at the ever-increasing role of culture in the rise of the cities.

4 Editorial
10 The Rise of the Cities - Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori discusses metropolitan momentum
16 Corridors Go Digital - Logistics seek new service-driven pipelines to re-energize the industry
21 Helsinki Ring of Industry keeps attracting smart companies
22 Story of Growth – City of Järvenpää is the fastest growing city in Finland
24 Oulu pushes growth via verticality, sustainability and culture
26 Shopping centers pivot towards experience and community
32 AINOA leads the commercial comeback in Tapiola
34 Senate spearheads urban development in key locations across Finland
36 SRV brings hybrid edge to its profile projects - and renews focus on customer experience
38 Brains for Buildings - The emergence of smart real estate is helping the industry reinvent itself in a big way
42 KONE turned to its customers to create the next wave of People Flow solutions for smart buildings
44 From downtown to Science Park and beyond: Turku Advances on All Fronts
46 In the Pipeline: One Hour Train
47 RE Finland: Gathering of the Tribes
48 Culture is deeply integrated into the DNA of any true city - and Helsinki is showing the way
54 Real estate market maintains momentum
56 Company Business Cards